Take Charge of Your Own Mental Health Issues With Our Life Coaching Programmes

providing quality life coaching, executive coaching & mental health treatments to the world with our international team.

We’ve helped 1000’s of clients over the years improve upon the quality of their lives and their social status as well as taking charge of their careers & aligning it with their true selves.

Body Mind Workers are Mental Fitness Coaches

Our Life coaches are here for your personal and professional development. We work with you to improve your awareness of mental health issues, which in many cases can cause physical health problems too. The Hudson Mind Process uses the most up to date results via one to one clinical work from our professionals around the UK and Europe.

This speculative model seeks to illuminate a vital piece of the mental health human jigsaw that is not fully addressed in the separate fields of neuroscience, psychology or indeed education. On this basis, we propose an intervention that can address a wide range of mental and behavioural problems whilst encouraging a shared learning environment between clinicians and their client’s.

We put you at the centre of your own personal development plan, supporting your personal growth. You no longer have to struggle with your mental health condition as we have a one-stop treatment program that seeks to clear underlying psychological issues, fast. 95% of our client’s have reported that their condition has improved within in three sessions or less. The mindbody connection has been known for centuries yet it’s only now in the 21st Century that mind mental health problems have reached epidemic proportions.

How do we treat mental health differently?

The majority of mental health treatment programs are designed to support you through crises, which is wonderful if you want to spend several years struggling to come to terms with your life. Our approach is to sort your condition with you, so that you can get on living your life to the full.

We use the Hudson Mind Process to interrupt your thought patterns to trigger rapid and effective shifts in your brain chemistry. Think about it this way: neurons that fire together wire together, so if we reverse the thought process, we deconstruct the chemical chain of events that have been causing your mental health problem. Simple…

A visit to your counsellor or mental health practitioner might make you feel miserable or apprehensive. We use humour and light heartedness as key part of our interaction with you. This is so that your mind creates fun images that connect you to us and our unique approach. Weeks later you will find yourself looking back and chuckling about the time that you have spent with us on your road to recovery.

Mental Wellbeing when you want it

Waiting lists for mental health help are very long sometimes it can take up to 18 months, for an assessment. Our mental fitness coaches are ready now to work with you via Skype or Facetime at a place and time that fits best for you. This is because our life coaches work directly with you and your mind, which accelerates your recovery rate.

A Model For Better Physical & Mental Health

What is the Hudson Mind Process©?

The HMP© puts forward that the brain is governed via Emotional Memory Images EMI that are positioned on a below conscious holodeck. These images trigger the primitive brain into action and over a period of time the chemicals that are released into the body create the dis-eases that we see today. For a more scientific description please click here.

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