Do you need to escape?

Over the last few weeks I have heard folk saying that they “can’t wait to get away because they need a break!” If this is how you feel too, then maybe I can help?

You see if you spend a chunk of cash on some new clothes or stuff that you don’t need so that you can feel happy, then you are also likely to feel that you need to escape from your situation or even your life.

The simple truth is that there is no escape because there is no trap. There is only the illusion of being trapped that exists deep inside your mind. We can help you get rid of this trapped feeling with

The big invisible screen.

Let’s imagine that in front of you is a large invisible screen and on this monitor appears the constructs of your reality. The things you like appear in full colour and close to you, whereas the things that you don’t like will be in a dimmer colour, hazy or black and white and further away from you.

The position, colour, size, shape and movement of these things on your screen all have a bearing on how you feel. If you were to consider what being trapped or stuck means to you, for a moment you might picture a brick wall a few inches from your face or a big solid ‘nothing’, which prevents you from moving forwards, or anywhere at all for that matter.

The imaginings on your screen are just that, yet many people will have anxiety attacks, stress, depressive thoughts, I.B.S (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), chronic pain and many more symptoms of reactions to the screen. it is mad the neurological effect this screen seems to have on ones system.

Why the drugs don’t always work

The problem is that when you appear at your doctor’s surgery with symptoms you may very well get medication to try and subdue or suppress the problem, but no one mentions the invisible screen. Now if you attempt to change the message on your screen by using drugs (prescription or otherwise) then you will only have short-term gains.

Your system will only intensify the images, by adding sounds or voices to encourage you to step up and claim your space on this planet. All to quickly we attempt to run away from our demons, but they will not leave until you stand and say enough. In this moment you are free.

How to change the way you feel

The way you feel is driven by how you think, so if you can adjust the images on your screen you will in fact be changing the way you feel about things. If this seems crazy you are correct, but humour me and give it a whirl.


What other people do is

What other people do:

What you do with it

Is all yours.