Level 1 – BodyMindWorkers

Our program is designed to take you on a journey whereby you can grow as a person and or a practitioner/therapist. Each module will enhance your knowledge whilst your trainers will encourage you to develop your own inner wisdom, which will be the backbone of your work as a Chronic Pain Specialist.


This module is suitable for all levels of delegate who have a genuine interest in understanding how the mind works. If you are suffering with chronic pain taking this course may actually alleviate your symptoms. If you are a practitioner with a client who seems ‘stuck’, you might want to consider this course for them.

  • The Map of your mind and how it works.
  • Getting to grips with an invisible reality.
  • What is ‘Chronic Pain’?
  • Deletion, Distortion and Generalisation. Explaining Pain: A neurological journey into this essential human experience.
  • Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic Language.
  • Below conscious rapport building.
  • When feelings become physical
  • Perceptual positions and how to let go of pain
  • Write a reflective account of each day on the course. (200 words approx.)
  • How to gain rapport with sceptical people.
  • 20 ways to shift the perception of pain.
  • The illusion of choice and understanding how your mind can change.
  • Chronic Pain Specialist: gather 10 clients to evidence your use of the tools.

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Date 1

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