Level 2 – Course Overview

This module is suitable for delegates who have attended module 1.  You will have been given a tiny indication as to the relevance of ‘time’ and it’s connection to chronic pain and dis-ease at the end of module 1, well now it’s time for you to discover even more as we take a quantum leap inside the illusion of chronic pain and dis-ease.


MODULE 2: ‘PAIN’ it’s about Time!

  • Pain is always present tense.
  • Eliciting and anchoring better states of mind.
  • Letting go.
  • The role of Nocioception in the pain experience.
  • Below conscious communication model.
  • Time based influencing language.
  • The Yoda influence.
  • “Whying” to greater possibilities.
  • Psychosocial Pathology of chronic pain.
  • Personal development log and exercise.
  • How the body neurologically interprets pain.
  • Latest science and understanding.
  • How the body physiologically interprets pain.
  • Apply the language patterns within bodywork assessment and treatment.
  • Support and discuss your journal progress.
  • Translating “reality”. Insights into the Placebo and Nocebo effects.
  • I feel therefore I am. Physiology of compassion.
  • Chunking up, down and sideways to shift perception of pain.
  • Context and content reframing for greater pain relief.
  • Presupposing healthier outcomes and how to embed them in the mind.
  • Chronic Pain Specialist: gather 10 clients to evidence your use of the tools.
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