Level 3 – Course Overview

This module is suitable for delegates who have attended level 3. By now you will have maximized your learning via your client work, our dedicated forum and Facebook pages, so now it’s time to get to grips with fear.  Uncovering the client’s motivation for maintaining their pain or dis-ease is a very tricky process, which will be demonstrated to you a number of times until you know that you know.


  • The below conscious structure of F.E.A.R.
  • Creating neuro associative states.
  • Overriding past neuro associative states.
  • Words that change minds.
  • Why clients don’t or can’t and how they can.
  • The 2 natural fears. Neurotags.
  • Neurones that fire together, wire together.
  • The reality of chronic pain. Changing the circuit.
  • 8 “Complimentary” Fears of Success, failure, rejection, not being liked, loss, helplessness, separation and vulnerability.
  • The magic of curios and the power of ridiculous.
  • Understand how the body physiologically responds to the fear state.
  • Discover how to interrupt the process of chronic pain.
  • Better language patterns to enhance fight/flight episodes.
  • Isomorphism and why it can be “a right pain in neck!”
  • Creating your personal metaphors. Fusing body and mind.
  • Chronic Pain Specialist: gather 10 clients to evidence your use of the tools.


Chronic Pain Specialist

The Chronic Pain Specialist certificate is given to practitioners who have worked diligently in the pursuit of finding new ways to overcome chronic pain.  During your time with us you will have submitted thirty (30) client examples of how you have used the principals of Body Mind Work. You will also have attended four (4) two (2) day workshops for specific acute pain, pre-op and post-op pain.  You are now ready to deal with ‘Pain’ as a Chronic Pain Specialist.

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