I’ve just returned to Devon today after the COPA show in London. COPA stands for Chiropractors Osteopaths Physiotherapists Acupuncturists, it’s Europe’s leading event for rehabilitation professionals and it was full of awesome advances in technology.


Thank you to Jihan Adem and Jo Swift who got us all to the show and to our show team Jen Mansfield, Joanna Austen, Danny Greeves, Ian James and Sue Maris. We are only able to get this valuable work out into the world thanks to your help and support gang.

Although the show was a success from the point of view of physical therapists coming and signing up for our trainings, I had an itch inside my mind that needed to be scratched…You see, across the other side of the Excel London arena was Europe’s only trade event for brain and spine, The European Neuro Convention, which means neurosurgeons and a chance to share knowledge… guess what?   We’ve only got meetings set up to talk and explore how our work can be evidenced and researched….OMG!!! So Excited..! 😉

Below is the image that we are talking about, which many of you have heard seen me push this for years, well now it would seem that it is time to come in from the cold as my work is about to be even more of a reality.


When talking to neuroscientists about the mind and how it impacts on the brain, it is fascinating to note the synergy between our work and theirs. The Screen, as you see above, depicts the brain responding to whatever appears there, so, could this be the ‘reality’ that drives our neurological system?

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