Joanna Austen

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  • Location: Liskeard and Bodmin, Cornwall
  • Since: 2014
  • Other Interests: no

Practitioner Details

Joanna Austen is a true professional when it comes to life long learning and development. She is continually seeking the next piece of the human puzzle and has excelled as a Body Mind Worker.  She got involved in pain treatment in 2002, and has run a busy practice through the years.  She felt that there was a piece missing and became one of the first to embrace  BodyMindwork, which incorporated with her extensive knowledge and use of Bodywork gives an ideal platform for helping those with pain and stress.  She has been successfully using BMW since 2014, so has built a wealth of experience.  She us happy to offer a free, no obligation chat and has a facebook page
CHRONIC PAIN AID, via which she can be contacted