Kurt Hudson Body Mind Work Practitioner

Kurtis Hudson

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As his son growing up with the founder of Body Mind Work, Matt Hudson has given me a deeper appreciation of my Dad’s work and allows me extra insight. Let me introduce you to a better way.

  • Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Since: 2014
  • Other Interests: Music and being a Parent

Practitioner Details

After spending 25 years observing people and being the guinea pig for all of the Hudson techniques that practitioners use, I am very confident in my abilities to motivate and transform how you think. Whether you are looking for help in a scenario you are currently in, or wanting to sort a ‘problem’ that you are struggling with. I believe that I can help you, By discovering how your mind drives your brain you will be in a better physical and mental state to take on life and all it has to offer you. Oscar Wilde — ‘Life is too important to be taken seriously.’ Let me help you to find out what he meant… And if you don’t like to laugh, then I may not be the practitioner for you!

T. Percival

Kurt Hudson has worked with me twice now and I’ve experienced some amazing, life-changing results.

  1. After the first session, I found myself finally able to come to terms with my grief over the death of my sister.
  2. In the second session, we worked on my childhood trauma which has helped my memory and mental health.

C. Long

  1. When I first approached Kurt about my social anxiety, it was severely affecting my relationships and day-to-day life. Over the course of a few sessions, I felt considerably better and more confident in social situations. I don’t experience anxiety attacks now and have found that I am relaxed in new, busy environments.
  2. Kurt also worked with me regarding a phobia of small spaces. I now happily choose to enter lifts and other confined spaces.

J. Robson

  1. An amazing experience. My dyslexia is improving every day.
  2. More great results. Kurt has helped me deal with high levels of stress that stemmed from work overload. I feel much healthier and happier since working with him.


  1. Kurt used one exercise to stop my panic attack mid-flow, and instantly calmed me down so I was able to return to my college class.
  2. He has helped me with my social anxiety too, and my social skills and interactions with people have improved so much. He has given me a lot of confidence.


  1. Life-changing results. Before Kurt worked with me, I had panic attacks daily. After a couple sessions, they were less frequent. Now I do not have them at all.
  2. Kurt did a grief exercise with me. Now when I think of my loved one, I feel happy and think of fond memories, instead of experiencing depression.