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Maryellen. Coccydynia. 4 years. Awaiting surgery.

“Yours and Matts work individually are truly amazing both with great results but the combining of the two, well I can only describe as limitless,magical and mind blowing with endless achievements.”

Hi Paula,

After my treatment with you and Matt last time, I remember leaving the surgery that day feeling a whole lot happier than I had felt when I walked in. Like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I couldn’t quite understand why?

It wasn’t like I hadn’t spoken to Matt before or this was the first time we’d met, also I’d already had several sessions with yourself and one with Trevor so this was nothing new.

The only difference this time was that  I received both methods at once.

Surely this couldn’t have made such a difference to the way I was now feeling? Or so I thought.

I’m now sure this surge of relief/happiness was due to the treatment I had received that very day from the both of you, and also the fact that, that day I had driven to my appointment with my little girl who was terrified to be in the car with me and now as I drove home I was sitting next to what I can only describe as a totally different child.

But with all that aside I’d like to tell you both that I am certain that my treatment has only been as beneficial to me as it has because, not only do both yourself and Matt make me feel “normal” again like the individual I was prior to my accident but also confident that I can trust and confide in you both enough, to establish that the decision to try this new treatment was the best decision I could of made. I have every faith in you both, and with your hard work and determination I am confident it will succeed this time.

I can honestly say that I have never been confident with any of the prior treatments I’ve received or that any would even work and believe me I’ve tried almost everything, with so many disappointments right from the beginning you begin to lose all hope of ever been normal again.

Instead they have just made me feel like a Guinea pig, and when you suggested this course of treatment and said it had not been tried before I felt more like a guinea pig than ever and very apprehensive about the whole thing.

After always been told my treatments were more a trial and error concept rather than a cure to my back problem and continually been told that there is no cure. I became the person you first met, a cripple with no self esteem and a longing to be me again.

I now no longer hide from the fact that there are certain things I am unable to do anymore. This feeling use to make me feel very depressed and I would often do things just to prove to myself that I still could, most of the time resulting in huge amounts of pain and discomfort leaving me feeling even more miserable and looking at myself as a failure and a decrepit. In more ways than one.

Amazingly after my treatment with you and Matt this constant feeling of “failure” dramatically decreased and I surprisingly found myself looking for alternative ways to do those things I couldn’t before, making me able to do more of those tasks I so fearfully dreaded.

More importantly I began remembering all the things I still could do (I’m 90% working and the remaining 10% will be working again soon approach). I had long forgotten that 90% of me still did work. I only ever concentrated on the 10% that didn’t.

This new outlook on life had quite literally taken me by surprise (this was all totally new to me I forgot the person I once was and never imagined I’d ever feel normal again) and to be honest the pessimist I am soon started to wait for the old, failing decrepit to return.

It delights me to tell you this person never did reappear and the things that I found extremely difficult to do didn’t frighten me anymore, instead I found them a welcome challenge and soon began to look forward to the next obstacle I could over come, wether it be cleaning the kitchen floor or taking a bath.With each new hurdle I overcame my confidence grew. The new and improved me now looked to find solutions to the problems instead of admitting defeat before I even tried. Now don’t think I’m saying I’m cured I know I’ve a little further to go before we reach our goal. But for the first time I can see a finish line. I have never been able to see an end to my pain and now eagerly await this. The pain hasn’t stopped and I still get my good and bad days but as long as I don’t over do things, On a weekly basis the good days can now outweigh the bad. I can’t remember the last time this was the case and now when the pain becomes unbearable and I feel low I use Matt’s words to kept me going “you can’t be in pain when your having fun” this has made me look for the fun in all of my hurdles and try not to concentrate on the pain it’s going to cause me by trying. I try to keep myself busy or at least occupy my mind long enough for me to forget about the pain for a while.

This has given me the confidence to start doing floristry. I have always loved this hobby, but was never confident enough to give it ago. Well you can properly guess my first attempt at this was a bit of a disaster but now instead of giving up, I tried again. This time I found myself working into the late evening and it was only when I finished my new design (feeling very proud of myself, something I haven’t felt in a very very long time) that I noticed the pain, which quickly turned horrific and resulted in another sleepless night. This did not put me off though as it once would of, instead I now limit myself for how long I work for doing this limits the amount of pain I’m in. On selling my first piece this boosted my confidence immensely and I’ve now created over 10 designs with people ordering from myself. This I never thought would ever be possible until now. Getting my girls involved with things made the tasks more fun. See children find fun in anything they do, so using the child like approach made things much easier for me. I now feel that since taking on this new approach me and my girls have grown even closer. I’m not the grumpy mammy who never has fun anymore, I’m the silly, funny mammy I use to be.

I know my limits and very rarely exceed these, maybe on the odd occasion I might but know the consequences of doing so, this makes it easier to stop myself now. I don’t look at it as giving up and failing but if I don’t do that today, tomorrow I can do this, this, and this instead approach. A way I’ve grown custom too now I like the feeling of control back.

It has only been two weeks since our last appointment and although I have had no significant change in the physical pain and my back, the improvement in confidence, belief and a more optimistic me has indeed been truly amazing. It’s this “new me” that has made me able to limit the amount of pain I’m in and now control it, not the pain controlling me anymore.

I’m not sure if my back will ever be fixed, but this once upon a time thought that froze me in my tracks, crippled me with fear and restricted the whole of my life has long gone. Instead of the here and now all the time, I’m able to plan ahead with my life and see a brighter future. This is what’s the most amazing concept of all. I mean how can just changing your way of thinking and having fun reduce your pain right? It’s an insane thought and I would never of believed it had I not tried it myself. Your Bowen treatment has made me more flexible and my movement is not so restricted anymore, giving me a total confidence boost too. I’m no longer stiff as a board so to speak haha.

All of this because of you and Matt.

I can only describe the treatment as unusual and it was yours and my daughters facial expressions that really took me back.

All throughout my treatment I thought I was conscience, and fully aware of what was happening to me and was totally surprised when Matt said I was still a little groggy so to speak. At this point I was thinking what’s he talking about I haven’t been to sleep. Only to find Libbie giggling at me like I had a “I’ve just got out of bed look” about me. More startling was when you described my body as cold to touch and I had indeed stopped the redness appearing (the cooking thing) because I have very sensitive skin and go red at the slightest touch, I was totally owe struck to find out I’d prevented this from happening with my own mind. Yours and Matts work individually are truly amazing both with great results but the combining of the two, well I can only describe as limitless,magical and mind blowing with endless achievements.

I eagerly await my next session with the both of you and won’t even contemplate trying to guess how I’m going to feel after the next dose. Excited, eager, and confused isn’t a normal combination of words you would use together, but this is exactly how this course of treatment has me feeling. Confused in a good way with a small amount of anticipation on the top.

I hope this explains a few things for you both and I have every confidence in this course of treatment been very successful in the very near future. Because if I was to say I’ve gained anything from this experience I would say you two have given me HOPE it’s this most precious gift you have given to me and my girls. Without hope we are left with nothing and no future and you and Matt have given this back to me, when I truly believed all hope had been lost for good,

For this I am eternally grateful  to you both.

Thank you for all your support and advice you continue to give me and I will see you again on Thursday. Looking forward to it.

Kindest regards


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