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If you would like to dip your toe into the waters of personal development and discover that your mind can transform what your brain thinks, in a blink, then come and join us for this fun filled two day event.

If you are bored with the same old same old and would like a career that is inspiring, challenging and fun, whilst helping others to transform their lives too, then this is the place for you to start. All you need is an interest in people and be curious as to how the mind actually works, then we will do the rest. You can have a full time income whilst working part-time hours. No office needed as we will show you how to work via Skype and Face time.  Go on push the button and start your new career today.

The knowledge base is divided into 3 x 7 day programs with an optional set of 6 x 2 day specialist workshops.

We cater to the needs of all knowledge seekers and have formulated payment plans to align with your budget.


If you want to learn all that you can about the body and mind so that you can offer the very best to your clients, this course is for you. You will be learning how to work directly with the mind to create profound physical and emotional results…


Poor communication remains the top problem affecting business today. We deal with the mind directly so that you can drive the right motivation and attitude for your workplace. Imagine credibly influencing people to do what you want…


“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” (A.Toffler 1990) Body Mind Workers teaches you how to influence behaviours for better results…

Personal Development

YOU  are the greatest asset that you will ever own. Improve your awareness and sense of self with Body Mind Workers. It’s about enhancing your quality of life, growing your self-confidence and realising your true potential…


New Career

If you are bored with your life and your career prospects you might want to consider becoming a Body Mind Worker. Imagine taking control of your destiny whilst discovering how the mind works and helping others to succeed…


Mental Health

The mind is the main driver behind mental health, so why are we using drugs to attempt to control it? Body Mind Work engages the client’s mind to over ride their current thinking process, to deliver greater freedom…

Who should do the Body Mind Workers comprehensive training?

Within the field of life sciences and medicine is the study of psychology.  Psychology in its broadest terms is the study of the human mind and human behaviour.

Body Mind Workers entire training program is designed to further enhance your understanding of the mind and human behaviour with particular emphasis on how the mind can create or cause dis-ease within the physical make up of the body.

This training has a far-reaching impact on practitioners as well as their clients, so if you have an open mind and a zest for life long learning then this could be the career for you. If you are a practitioner who has trained primarily in anatomy and the physical well-being of the human form and has a desire to access the mind effectively in the same episode of care, dovetailing both approaches and creating subconscious shifts to parallel the physical shifts.

For the first time we are leading you on a mind body journey that sharpens your professional tool box for your clients, whilst promising to develop you as an individual to your maximum potential

Body Mind Workers was founded to answer one question

“Why is it that some clients remain with their problem even after every avenue for help and relief has been explored?”

There must be another way and after twenty years of working in private practice as a Behavioural change Consultant, Matt Hudson has developed an educational training and development program that does just that.

This body of work has formed an entirely humanistic, grounded model, which relies on coaching the unconscious/non-verbal communication of a client and creating a feedback loop for the client to explore the many hidden meanings below the surface.

“The system didn’t help me or my family – it’s too general. I wanted a personal approach that could sort and not just support individuals to help others to create a better world. Body Mind Workers has been designed to deliver this to you.”

Matt Hudson
Founder, Body Mind Work

Discover How Your Mind Works In This Comprehensive Training.

Evidencing the mind is not the brain and transforming the landscape of current thinking.

We offer specialised courses in a wide range of locations including; The United Kingdom and Europe.

Science is coming round to the idea that our emotions create who we are. Could the key to chronic pain be trapped within emotions, language and manifest into nociception?

What if biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his associates are correct and human DNA can be changed with words, would this have an impact on how you speak to your clients?

What we do

Body Mind Workers shares the Hudson Process© to show how the mind actually connects with others and ourselves. This method has been distilled to create simple, yet profound changes in a person’s perception. We live what we communicate.

We empower individuals to become skilled human beings so that they can go forwards into the world of health care, education, business and personal growth where they can inspire others to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

By fostering a culture of curiosity and evolution we encourage all of our students to realign with their own purpose and to contribute to re-humanising themselves, their community and the planet.

Body Mind Workers was founded on the principle of delivering mind-based excellence in holistic training and education. The organisation is led by the teachings of its founder Matt Hudson who is an expert in non-verbal communication and the body-mind connection. The mind-based approach our practitioners use throughout the UK and Europe reflects both efforts in standardisation and in individualisation of treatments for the client.

At Body Mind Workers your mind is our business, we give you experiences to unleash the real you and to set you free to make a better world for us all.

Course Overview

Level 1: Map of the Mind

Welcome to the beginning of your journey to discover how your mind works. This week promises to extend your understanding of your mind and how it impacts on your body. Many students have uncovered the answers to their own life struggles and learned how everything that a person has lived is relevant to their health or dis-ease.

  • The Map of your mind and how it works.
  • The Eight Rules of the Saboteur Within.
  • Deletion, Distortion and Generalisation. Explaining Pain: A neurological journey into this essential human experience.
  • Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic Language.
  • How to engage with the most skeptical people.
  • Discover the ‘Screen’ and how to use it.
  • Exceptional communication both verbal and non-verbal.
  • Below conscious rapport building.
  • When feelings become physical.
  • What is happening at a cellular level?
  • Context and content reframing for greater pain relief.
  • Chunking up, down and sideways to shift perception of pain.
  • Home study: write a reflective account of the module and gather 10 clients to evidence your use of the tools.
  • Commence your journey with your client log (10 people).

Course Overview

Level 2: It’s all about time…

Building upon your Level 1 studies you will now be ready to go down the rabbit hole. This entire week is dedicated to the use of time and space and the profound effects they have on chronic conditions. By the end of this training you will be equipped to work with chronic pain, C.F.S, M.E anxiety, stress and depression, to name but a few.

  • Pain is always present tense.
  • Eliciting and anchoring better states of mind.
  • What quantum physics can teach us about dis-ease in the body.
  • The role of Nocioception in the pain experience.
  • Below conscious communication model.
  • Time based influencing language.
  • “Whying” to greater possibilities.
  • Psychosocial Pathology of chronic pain.
  • How the body neurologically interprets pain.
  • How the body physiologically interprets pain.
  • Application of the language patterns with real examples
  • Translating “reality”. Insights into the Placebo/ Nocebo effects.
  • How to create below conscious shifts within your clients’ mind.
  • Home study: write a reflective account of the module and gather 10 clients to evidence your use of the tools.

Course Overview

Level 3: En Trance…!

En Trance..! Welcome to Part 3 where you will discover that most people are in a waking state of hypnosis. Your task will be to awaken from the deep hypnotic sleep you have been calling your life and to take full control of your mind and body to drive you to success.  This training has been described as the glue that holds all of the others together; you might also consider learning how to detach yourself from pain and misery…to take what you want and desire.

  • Recognising everyday trance.
  • Universal Quantifiers and their place in the trance.
  • Deletion Filter and working where the problem isn’t.
  • Un-hypnotising people.
  • How to create a light trance state.
  • Trance inductions.
  • Rapid trance inductions.
  • Utilisation of the trance.
  • The Structure of Metaphors
  • Using metaphors for change.
  • Embedding Commands.
  • Catatonic Limb induction and trance work.
  • General script building for specific conditions.
  • Nested Loops – from once upon a time to happily ever after.
  • Home Study – write a reflective account of the course and find 10 clients to work with as your case studies, to evidence your use of the work.

Course Overview

Level 4: Is That Why You Do This….

Dis-ease, as you have discovered upon your journey to this level of training, is often buried deep inside your mind, hidden from conscious view. Yet, its roots are usually firmly wrapped around your early childhood. This Psychotherapeutic approach will help you to not only guide your client to the beginning of their story but also to release them from the fear that so often leaves them feeling scared and trapped.

  • Perceiving the world from your screen
  • The Primary Triad
  • How did you learn to survive?
  • Childhood Misunderstandings
  • The incongruent communication
  • Satir’s Change Process
  • Ingredients of an Interaction
  • Six levels of experience
  • Reconstructing Your Family
  • Family Rules
  • Transforming Rules into Values
  • One to One coaching and practice
  • Home study: write a reflective account of the module
  • Write a 2000 word essay on your Body Mind Worker journey and how you have applied it to help treat chronic pain and or dis-ease.

Although Levels One and Two can be taken as personal development, students must have successfully completed the case study criteria for Levels One and Two  & Three before attending Level Four.

Specialist Progression Modules

Did you know that you could cut down a large tree with a penknife?

It will take you forever but it is possible. And that’s why we have developed these extra courses to further enhance your skill set, whilst accelerating your learning as a Body Mind Worker. You don’t have to take them but why wouldn’t you?

Module One: Mastering The Screen

Module Two: Mastering the Map

Module Three: Seeing the Unseen

Module Four: Saying The Unseen

Doing the Unseen

Module Five: Doing the Unseen

Module Six: Tracking Beliefs