Development Modules

All Modules have merged into the new Level 2

Did you know that you could cut down a large tree with a penknife? It will take you forever but it is possible. And that’s why we have developed these extra courses to further enhance your skill set, whilst accelerating your learning as a Body Mind Worker. You don’t have to take them but why wouldn’t you?

Our programme is designed to take you on a journey whereby you can grow as a person and or a practitioner / therapist. Each module will enhance your knowledge whilst your trainers will encourage you to develop your own inner wisdom, which will be the backbone of your work as a Body Mind Worker.

What if your Mind is not your Brain? 

Some workshops change your point of view. This workshops enables you to change your life…

2 day Introductory Course into Body Mind Workers and the Hudson Mind Process©

You can expect two days of unwavering self-development, hosted by Level 2 qualified BodyMindWork Practitioners who have trained directly with Matt Hudson, founder of BodyMindWorkers and the Hudson Mind Process© and author of the international best selling book The Saboteur Within – The definitive Guide to Overcoming Self sabotage.

This complete and detailed two-day training course is designed to extend and deepen your knowledge of yourself, enabling you to get the best from yourself and others. It is also the first step to understand how your physical body in intrinsically connected to your mind…

Our unique approach to behavioural change seeks to identify the positive intentions behind our behaviours and open our minds to a better way effectively ‘upgrading’ the system. Immerse yourself in the language of change and discover who are you now? Now that you have become free to be who you were born to be – the best you there is!

Join us to discover why you do the things that you do and how to transform them. This promises to be the best decision you can make to get your life on track, once and for all.

“Awesome!!! 🙂 All of it just great, mind bogglingly amazing! Thanks :)”

Sophia Pugh, Devon


Mastering the Screen

Specialist Development Module 1

Now that you have completed your BMW Level 1 training, you may be hungry to find out more about the ‘Screen’ and how to work with it?

“It reinforces what I learnt at Level One and also gave a dimension that was clearer.

The course reinforces the work and brings a much deeper clarity and context to what BMW practice. I got much more from the course than I anticipated and a confidence to take the work forwards and use it more in clinic.”

Julie Makarewicz, Therapist, Devon

This part of your professional tool kit is really a must as it puts you fully in control of monitoring your clients thought processes. Imagine having the power not only to see where a person holds their thoughts but also being able to help them to shrink fears, phobias and anxieties down to nothing at all?

Mastering The Map 

Specialist Development Module 2

This 2 day trip in to the underpinnings of Matt Hudson’s core work will literally turn your world upside down, as you discover just how your mind works. There will be no stones left uncovered as your life and your thoughts unfold before you. Going from the surface of a conversation to the very depths of another’s meanings will be at the heart of this re-humanisation process. Understanding The Map is not the same as experiencing it, so expect the unexpected. Often pain and dis-ease are locked away inside your mind and the only way to be truly free is to journey to the cause of your discomfort. Having The Map to guide you is an essential part of any therapist’s tool kit.

Seeing the Unseen

Specialist Development Module 3

The greatest skill that any therapist can possess is the ability to calibrate, or tune in to their client. Matt Hudson has this ability, which allows him to flex his non-verbal and verbal communication within a fraction of a second. This skill once mastered is the single most effective part in your therapeutic approach. You may have practiced your skill set as a:

Body Worker

Physiotherapist, Bowen Practitioner, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Sports Therapist, Nurse, Doctor.

Mind Worker

Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counselor, Psychiatrist, Coach, Teacher.

So, you have knowledge that supports your work, now you are about to embark on a journey that Matt did not have to study, as he was fortunate to be born conductively deaf. Giving him a natural ability to notice, calibrate and feedback to a person an enormous amount of communication that is coming from them. Once these ideo-motor responses are received by the client an entirely different communication begins to take place. It is here at the cross road between unconscious and conscious communication that Matt Hudson invites you to see the unseen.

Saying the Unseen

Specialist Development Module 4

Now that you have discovered that you really do have a screen in front of you, it’s time to discover the language that drives the main access to the inner workings of your mind.

There is a Representational System for each of our senses; this is the way we experience our world. What we actually perceive are representations of what each sensory organ transfers to us. These representational systems are Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory.

The ability to pass from one Representational System to another with ease will allow the practitioner to deepen all and any communication. This will enhance rapport and accelerate the healing process as the client will trust at a below conscious level, which is where the change needs to happen.

Doing the Unseen

Specialist Development Module 5

A person is protected by their unconscious mind and any attempts at forcing change upon them will be thwarted by that mind. When a client comes for help we must find a way to support them in finding that help within themselves, whilst knowing that if we are seen to be consciously threatening the status-quo, we increase the chances of the client failing to transform. This is not a conscious act on behalf of the client, rather an unconscious act on behalf of the mind.

During this workshop you will practice scratching the hull and allowing the ocean to do the rest.

Tracking Beliefs

Specialist Development Module 6

Do you or a loved one or friend have a behaviour that just pops out every now and again which causes you or them to feel irritated, angry or frustrated? You or they may have been doing it for ages and genuinely wish that you could stop it. Well you probably have a limiting belief operating at a below conscious level, what I mean is you don’t do it on purpose it just happens!

If you have a limiting belief about having lots of money then guess what, you will never have a lot of money. The same rules apply across the board so what are you going to do?
Continue sabotaging yourself or get yourself sorted out, now. When you are free from the limiting belief that holds you captive, a prisoner in your own mind, then the whole world will transform for you, instantly.

Some Customer Feedback

Joanna Austen

Feedback from Seeing the Unseen

“Ideal timing for me to get back in the saddle. A refresher, I thought, but no. As usual a mind engaging playtime which instilled the need to go away, use it, practice it and become the best I can be at it. Matt makes it fun, even when it pushes you out of your safety, because you still feel safe out of it.”

Duncan McNiven

Feedback from Seeing the Unseen

“An interesting insight into the power of strategies to keep people stuck and set them free. Also really enjoying paying more attention to the different things that are going on as the person accessed different contexts. Very good.”

Kate Le Maux

Feedback from Doing the Unseen

“Lots of new information, opportunities to practice new techniques, lots of laughs, a very nice change in chemicals, a lot of learning about the techniques and knowledge that I had picked up on Level One and be able to use them more. I would recommend this course because this work is life-changing. Society needs this work and there is so much good that can be done with it.”