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What constitutes an Allergy? 

Allergies are incredibly common to human-beings. Allergies are known as chronic diseases that appear whenever the body senses something that does not fit within the system of the person reacting to these allergies. Most chronic diseases are not known to be deadly, in-fact a lot of them can be triggered from things that can be treat with varying levels of mellow severity. An allergy to dust is one example of this, where sneezing is the only reaction to the absorption of dust through the nostrils.

Each of us are allergic to various different substances that it is quite difficult to narrow down on one set type of demographic to those struggling to live their life peacefully with certain allergens. Those who are allergic to peanuts are in risk of severe consequences depending on how quick it is treat from consumption. The swelling of ones oesophagus is never anything pleasant, we know.

According to the NHS, 1 in 5 adults suffer from some form of allergy. One of the most common happens to be an allergy to pollen, otherwise known as hay fever.

All of these allergies have different responses to the human body. Some of these ailments can leave you feeling uncomfortable should one not seek outside intervention from a doctor if the pain is that severe. Many will experience watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing and rashes due to an allergic reaction.

When do Allergies become a mental issue?

There are many cases where one might feel a level of anxiety in having some sort of reaction to something they happen to be allergic too. One might find themselves scared or tentative to sneeze in-front of others in risk of standing out for all the ‘wrong’ reasons. Those of us who suffer from severe allergic reactions might find this struggle more poignant than others. Anxiety can lead to depression which generally effects the entire morale of the individual which is never good for said persons overall well-being.

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An alternative treatment to Allergies



Allergic reactions to various elements can cause one to feel incredibly self-conscious. Remember that these are things that you can’t control, but fear not, there are options out there for those suffering in silence. If you are someone that wishes to self-resolve, then look no further than The Hudson Mind Theory (HMT), which could save one a lot of heart ache when it comes to going through the motions of an allergic reaction. This theory works in a similar way to hypnotherapy in that it gives you the ability to control your consciousness in ways you didn’t know existed previously.

With this theory you are given the ability to control your own mental wellbeing despite being very much of the opinion that this is something that you may not come back from. Suffering in silence is not healthy, and with HMT you are very much opening a line of dialogue with yourself, thus coming to terms with who you are and your allergies by proxy.

Sessions for HMT allow one to counteract their woes rather quickly, and can even take place via Skype and FaceTime respectively. Previous patients of this treatment have noticed significant results from simply 1 or 2 sessions with one of our practitioners. To view more of our treatments check out our full list.

Skype or Facetime Sessions.
1 or 2 Sessions and notice results.
Previous patients of this treatment have noticed significant results from simply 1 or 2 sessions with one of our practitioners.  To view more of our treatments check out our full list.