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Anyone who has suffered from a panic attack in the past will tell you the same thing: it’s horrific. A panic attack is the bodies response to raw, unadulterated fear. Fear can ripple through ones body, leaving lasting effects that can be ever-present for an extended period of time. This intense attack can spark and ignite at any moment, the one variable is the individual and what happens to be putting them into this position. More often than not panic attacks will occur whenever your body is exposed to something the mind deems as distressing. It is in these moments that you will feel breathless and light headed on top of countless other symptoms.

Excitement, stress and danger seems to be the triggers for such an attack, manifesting itself in the conscious of the individual. Most panic attacks will last for around 20 minutes or so, with a short period of time after that coming down from such emotions. These attacks are incredibly taxing on the body and mind of the individual, and can appear again and again if the triggers of these actions are not resolved. Those who have experienced panic attacks describe the experience as being within a bubble, a bubble that you know you’re in, but just cant seem to fathom how to escape.

When does having a severe panic attack become a mental health issue?

The length of these panic attacks can vary from person to person. Length is also dependant on the event or happenstance in which a panic attack has occurred. Although it might feel like the opposite at times, it is important to note that panic attacks are not harmful. These attacks can wear you down emotionally, but they do not take a toll on your status of being alive. Think of a panic attack as your bodies way of fending off a potential infection. You may feel a powerful sense of dread in these moments, but remaining calm is one of the most positive things you can do here. Letting these attacks take you is a sure-fire way of leaving some lasting mental effects. Panic attacks are more common today than any other decade, the cause of this is currently unknown. But what we do know is that you should not be suffering in silence if this is a repeated cause of concern.

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A potential resolve to severe panic attacks

Those tired of having to deal with severe panic attacks might find that The Hudson Mind Theory (HMT) could be the answer they’ve been searching for. This theory allows one the ability to remove negative thoughts from the brain itself, thus allowing one the ability to control their own moods and feelings internally. Imagine what life could be like with a much needed confidence boost. You will live a much happier life due to HMT. This is a tried and tested method of self-evaluation that is perfect for those that happen to be suffering from severe instances of panic attacks. The methods taught here can be applied in a variety of different settings that all work towards becoming a much more confident person.

Sessions for HMT allow one to counteract their woes rather quickly, and can even take place via Skype and FaceTime respectively. Previous patients of this treatment have noticed significant results from simply 1 or 2 sessions with one of our practitioners. To view more of our treatments check out our full list.


Skype or Facetime Sessions.


1 or 2 Sessions and notice results.

Previous patients of this treatment have noticed significant results from simply 1 or 2 sessions with one of our practitioners.  To view more of our treatments check out our full list.