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There are some out there that struggle with reading, this is true. But what is also true is that this isn’t going to change unless you want it too. Most who believe themselves to be incapable of reading have more than likely been told their entire lives that they’ll never amount to anything. This could have been something that they were told at a young age, which has only manifested itself within the mind of said individual through adolescence and into adulthood. Many will believe themselves to be somewhat illiterate, which 9 times out of 10 is not the case at all. What these people mostly require is self-motivation, motivation that can only come from themselves and themselves alone. It can be very difficult to adhere to the pressures of society in having some basic knowledge of how to read.

We all process different information in a manner of alternative ways, which to some can make reading difficult. For some, reading could be considered too much effort; this can be  frustrating and will weigh on the mind of the individual, even going as far as to cause adverse affects to their morale and overall demeanour. As you can probably tell, this is not a very healthy way of going about managing one’s self in this manner. It can be a difficult task not picking up reading in due time, especially if you find yourself in any job. You could find yourself losing said job unless a dramatic change is made. In-fact the pressures of learning in these environments can manifest itself into your mental wellbeing if left attended.

Can not being able to read effectively become a mental health issue?

Not being able to read effectively can become a mental health issue if it is left to its own devices. Anxiety will play a big part in the overall morale of the individual, eating away at them overtime, causing them to act irrationally out of frustration. As we’ve already mentioned, in order for you to turn things around, you will need to be willing to make that change; it is possible, just believe in yourself. See below for a potential resolve to the pressures of reading.

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A potential resolve to the pressures of reading

Those who struggle finding ways to read effectively might find The Hudson Mind Theory (HMT) could be the answer they’ve been looking for. This theory allows one the ability to remove negative thoughts from the brain itself, thus allowing one the ability to control their own actions and reactions to various thought patterns that can lead to creativity. You will live a much happier life due to HMT. This is a tried and tested method of self-evaluation that is perfect for those that happen to be struggle with reading. The methods taught here can be applied in a variety of different settings that all work towards channeling your feelings in a more healthy manner. No longer will your work suffer in this way.

Sessions for HMT allow one to counteract their woes rather quickly, and can even take place via Skype and FaceTime respectively. Previous patients of this treatment have noticed significant results from simply 1 or 2 sessions with one of our practitioners. To view more of our treatments check out our full list.


Skype or Facetime Sessions.


1 or 2 Sessions and notice results.

Previous patients of this treatment have noticed significant results from simply 1 or 2 sessions with one of our practitioners.  To view more of our treatments check out our full list.