How it started…

Body Mind Workers was founded to answer one question “Why is it that some clients remain with their problem even after every avenue for help and relief has been explored?”

There must be another way and after twenty years of working in private practice as a Behavioural change Consultant, Matt Hudson has developed an educational training and development program that does just that.

This body of work has formed an entirely humanistic, grounded model, which relies on coaching the unconscious/non-verbal communication of a client and creating a feedback loop for the client to explore the many hidden meanings below the surface.

About our Approach

Body Mind Workers shares the Hudson Process© to show how the mind actually connects with others and ourselves.

This method has been distilled to create simple, yet profound changes in a person’s perception. We live what we communicate.

We empower individuals to become skilled human beings so that they can go forwards into the world of health care, education, business and personal growth where they can inspire others to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

By fostering a culture of curiosity and evolution we encourage all of our students to realign with their own purpose and to contribute to re-humanising themselves, their community and the planet.

The Journal of Pain Management

Read Matt Hudson’s research article from the Journal of Pain Management

Matt has collaborated with Professor Mark Johnson from the Centre for Pain Research, School of Clinical & Applied Sciences, Leeds Beckett University, City Campus.

The paper points towards better communication being key to helping people to overcome their pain.

What we do

Body Mind Work is the process of teaching you how your mind works. Most problems that you face as a human being in your day to day life, have a neurological connection and it is this, we believe, that keeps you continually re-producing your problem, even though you wish that you didn’t do it or have it, your unconscious mind recreates this for you.

We have you use a direct link to your mind via feeding back non-verbal communication. This feedback loop is then interrupted to produce a whole new neurological association, which we find moves you from being a victim of your life story, to becoming the observer.

This shift in neurology transforms your thinking and quite literally saves years of conventional therapy. The Hudson Process© underpins all of our work and is being used to help with all types of conditions where a client may be suffering from dis-ease both physical and mental.

Founding principles

Body Mind Workers was founded on the principle of delivering mind-based excellence in holistic training and education.

The organisation is led by the teachings of its founder Matt Hudson who is an expert in non-verbal communication and the body-mind connection. The mind-based approach our practitioners use throughout the UK and Europe reflects both efforts in standardisation and in individualisation of treatments for the client.

The spoken word without non-verbal communication enveloping it would be and mean very little. It is your tonality and way you speak that conveys the meanings that you hold, which will hopefully be the meanings that the receiver receives.  As your body sways, arms move, hands and even fingers gesticulate, to support your expression of self, your words emote from deep within your neurology. Your past, present and future are all encoded within your utterances, everything about your message is there for the eye to see, or so we thought.

Missing puzzle pieces

Body Mind Workers shows you the missing part of the communication puzzle, the mind itself and how your interaction with it plays out within your non-verbal expressions.

Drawing from philosophy, linguistics, ethology, psychology, cognitive and neuroscience our work seeks to analytically pursuade you that your mind is not your brain and as such your ability to learn and unlearn is not a matter of time but a matter of thought. This skill set allows you to understand why people do what they do and exactly how you can interrupt their attention and re-engage them in a better way.

This work redresses the balance of body and mind work providing a unique examination of the interconnectivity of the whole neurological communication. It is here that your business, career, health and wellbeing can learn to flourish.

The ‘Screen’

The ‘Screen’ is one of the two key factors specific to the Body Mind Workers approach.

The Screen is the below conscious area that the mind uses to inform our autonomic system of what is happening in the world around us.

We cannot consciously see this screen ourselves but we can witness our clients accessing theirs.

It is the process of eliciting information from our clients about what they are perceiving that creates the shift within their brain chemistry; from the victim of their condition to the victor of their own internal reality.

What if your mind is not your brain?

This is the question that Matt Hudson wants you to consider as you go through your day-to-day life. The impact of this question, if it is true, is far reaching and may hold the answer to many modern health and wellbeing issues.

Matt has worked in private practice as a Behavioural Change Consultant for over twenty years and in that time he has witnessed many of his clients create their own miraculous results.

In the past few years Matt’s work has been documented and articulated into a training program, its roots are within the fields of linguistics, philosophy, cognitive science, quantum physics, ethology, psychology and education.


The aim is to sort and not just support dis-ease.

Human behaviour is always driven by motivation, so if you are able to understand what motivates a person then you can influence them to modify or even change their actions. It is with this in mind that Matt discovered something, which was very obvious to him, as he was born deaf, yet hardly noticeable to others; this something is what he calls the ‘Screen’

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